Music Duplicate Remover


Eliminate duplicate music files from your hard drive



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While your music library grows, if things aren't saved in an organized manner, a lot of the time there will be duplicate files in different folders, occupying unnecessary space.

Music Duplicate Remover is an easy to use, free app that searches your computer for duplicate audio files and gives you the option of deleting them.

The search begins by comparing ID3 tags from your files and or by observing their parameters. You can also choose individual hard drives or folders in which you want to search for duplicates, saving you time by not searching where you don't store music.

Once the program finds duplicate files, they will be divided into two categories: originals and duplicates; although the order can be changed if you wish to save them in one section or the other.

By deleting duplicate files you are free to continue expanding your music library without worrying about unwanted files taking up excess space.

Delete up to twenty files.

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